How to battle the California drought

OmniEarth, the environmental analytics company based in Arlington, VA, recently set up an office in Berkley, California, that specializes in water management services. This comes right as the state is facing a historic drought that's led the governor to mandate a 25 percent cut in water use. This has quickly upended politics of the state [...]

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Dyn Cements Its Position As Worldwide Leader in Internet Performance

With 25 Successive Quarters of Revenue Growth, Company Continues to Expand International Footprint and Improve Intelligence Capabilities. More and more companies rely on the Internet to grow their businesses, communicate with customers, and facilitate sales. But when poor Internet Performance impacts the availability of websites, applications and services, it adversely affects sales. The need for [...]

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Adimab Establishes New Partnership with Celgene for Discovery of Antibodies and Bispecifics for Next- Generation Therapeutics for Patients

Adimab, LLC, the technology leader in the discovery of fully human antibodies, today announced a new collaboration with Celgene, which follows an earlier 2013 agreement between the two parties. Under the terms of the new agreement, Adimab may generate novel common light chain (cLC) libraries with Celgene and use its proprietary platform to generate IgGs [...]

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