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Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth is gaining momentum

The event commemorating the official opening of the DEN, and the expansion of the efforts at Dartmouth to raise the profile of entrepreneurship throughout the community, was held on October 1 in Hanover. President Hanlon has been vocal about delivering more experiential learning opportunities and views entrepreneurship as playing a critical role. Read More

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DYN launches Global Internet Monitoring Service

DYN, a leading managed DNS provider that offers a suite of Internet performance and security products, recently released a new cloud service offering enterprises deep visibility of the entire Internet. The underlying technology comes from DYN’s May acquisition of Renesys, a specialist in Internet intelligence based on a vast network of sensors around the globe. [...]

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Adimab Announces 50th Therapeutic Program Under Its Funded Discovery Partnerships

Adimab, LLC, a leader in the discovery and optimization of monoclonal and bispecific antibodies, today announced the 50th therapeutic program under its funded discovery partnerships. Adimab launched its antibody discovery and optimization platform in the middle of 2009 and in less than five years has formed collaborations with more than 20 partners encompassing 50 therapeutic [...]

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Flux Emerges From Google X And Nabs $8M To Help Build Eco-Friendly Buildings

Google X, the search giant’s lab that has dedicated its work to new, unchartered moonshot concepts, has made a name for itself through its work on self-driving cars, smart contact lenses and dozens of other projects worthy of their own sci-fi novels. Today comes news of a Google X project that is perhaps a little more grounded [...]

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The Prouty

Prouty On behalf of all of us at Team Borealis HQ, a hearty thanks to our Prouty participants for all of their efforts in support of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, a part of theDartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Our team of 45 folks raised $60K as The Prouty raised $2.4M in total. An amazing effort! [...]

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