Compass Therapeutics, a biotechnology company committed to the ambitious goal of comprehensively drugging the human immune system, today announced that it has been named by FierceBiotech as one of 2018’s Fierce 15 biotechnology companies, designating it as one of the most promising private biotech companies in the industry.

Compass, which completed its $132 million Series A financing this year, is forging a new approach to identifying antibody drug candidates that engage all targets in the biologically complex human immune synapse. The company’s antibody discovery platform enables the rapid identification of therapeutic candidates that engage with a broad range of epitopes and its StitchMabs™ bispecific screening platform enables the empirical, high-throughput identification of novel synergistic combinations and bispecifics. To date, the company’s integrated R&D approach has generated therapeutic candidates for more than 30 targets in cancer, inflammation and autoimmune disease. More than 15 of them are now advancing through preclinical development.

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