Driven by a Pragmatic and Balanced Approach

A crucial element of Borealis’ success is our ability to develop exceptional investment opportunities from three distinct sources –sector-based relationships that we have nurtured nationally, contacts created over time loosely centered by Dartmouth College, and underserved technology community in and around New Hampshire.


The Built Environment

Emerging entrepreneurs will transform the design, manufacture, and construction of the world’s Built Environment. We are committed to helping them drive that innovation.

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Dartmouth Innovation

Borealis is uniquely rooted in the network of innovation around Dartmouth College, both on campus and beyond. We draw upon our close knowledge of the Dartmouth community to develop and nurture exceptional investment opportunities.

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New Hampshire

Borealis is based in New Hampshire – the state whose ‘Live Free or Die’ motto proclaims the rugged individualism and industrious determination exemplified by so many successful Yankee entrepreneurs.

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