Uniquely Positioned

The Borealis Ventures portfolio companies have gained in excess of $5.5B in value since our initial investment.


Teckro is a digital platform that makes clinical trial information instantly accessible to research staff across the globe. Portfolio company since 2018. teckro.com

Evox Therapeutics

Evox Therapeutics is harnessing and engineering the natural delivery capabilities of extracellular vesicles to develop an entirely novel class of biotherapeutics. Portfolio company since 2018. evoxtherapeutics.com


Assemble is the web-based solution that lets construction professionals extract data from building information systems/drawings/point clouds, add intelligence, and collaborate in real-time. Portfolio company since 2018. assemblesystems.com

Orbit Discovery

Orbit is a spin-out from the University of Oxford (UK) using its proprietary peptide display platform to develop therapeutics for a range of chronic diseases. Portfolio company since 2018. orbitdiscovery.com

Vets First Choice

Vets First Choice provides veterinary practices with an online pharmacy for home delivery of pet medications and diets and systems for pet-owner communications. Merged with Henry Schein Animal Health and rebranded as Covetrus (NASDAQ: CVET). Portfolio company since 2010. vetsfirstchoice.com

Dandelion Energy

Dandelion makes it easy and affordable to heat and cool every home with the renewable energy in the ground: geothermal energy. Portfolio company since 2017. dandelionenergy.com


Smartvid.io is building a photo and video management platform that leverages machine learning to solve industrial-grade problems. Portfolio company since 2017. smartvid.io


Avitide delivers custom affinity purification solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry, making their manufacturing processes more effective and efficient. Portfolio company since 2013. avitide.com


Adimab is the premier human antibody discovery and optimization platform and has helped leading biopharmaceutical companies discover antibodies for a wide range of therapeutic targets. Portfolio company since 2011. adimab.com


Measurabl is precision software built to help developers, owners and operators of commercial real estate collect, report, and act upon sustainability data. Portfolio company since 2017. measurabl.com


blokable is technology enabled manufacturer of affordable modular housing. Portfolio company since 2017. blokable.com


Compass Therapeutics is an antibody discovery and development company focused on comprehensively drugging the tumor-immune synapse with novel antibody and bispecific combinations. Portfolio company since 2014. compasstherapeutics.com


GlycoFi developed a protein expression platform that revolutionized the manufacture of biotherapeutics. Acquired by Merck in 2006.


OmniEarth provides reliable, global, on-demand imagery and derived information products to the agricultural, energy, civil, and military markets. OmniEarth was acquired by EagleView Technologies in 2017.


M2S uses extensive experience in medical imaging and data management to deliver innovative healthcare performance management solutions. Acquired by Altaris Partners in 2005. m2s.com


SketchFab’s technology allows websites to publish and embed interactive 3D models into the browser. Portfolio company since 2013. sketchfab.com


coUrbanize ships a platform used by developers and municipal planning offices to engage community stakeholders in project discussion and review. Portfolio company since 2013. courbanize.com

Honest Buildings

Honest Buildings has created a platform connecting commercial real estate developers with qualified vendors and consultants. Portfolio company since 2013. honestbuildings.com


Builtr Labs is creating the next-generation media company dedicated to architects, engineers, construction industry professionals, and owners. Portfolio company since 2014. builtr.com

Vico Software

Vico delivers software and technology-enabled services to enable the virtual construction of commercial properties. Acquired by Trimble in 2012. vicosoftware.com

Makeover Solutions

Makeover Solutions built the largest technology solutions provider to publishers targeting women and beauty brands. Acquired by StyleCaster in 2012, and became part of SheKnows in 2014. makeoversolutions.com


Foodbuzz created a platform to enable independent publishers to reach food-oriented consumers and the advertisers that want to message to them. Acquired by sovrn media in 2010. food.dailybuzz.com

Scribe Software

Scribe developed CRM data integration and demand chain management solutions for enterprise customers. Acquired by the Mustang Group in 2006. scribesoft.com


icovia delivers online space planning solutions to retailers, manufacturers, interior designers, and other design professionals. Acquired by 20/20 Technologies, Inc. in 2008 icovia.com


Handmark created a series of top-rate mobile applications and a proprietary advertising platform that connected leading brands with an emerging demographic group. Acquired by Sprint Nextel in 2013. handmark.com


Tinkercad is an easy-to-use tool for creating digital designs that are ready to be 3D printed into physical objects. Acquired by AutoDesk in 2013.


Wingu’s platform and applications are used to manage distributed research initiatives in the life sciences industry. Acquired by Perkin Elmer in 2013. wingu.com


SpaceClaim delivers flexible and powerful 3D modeling software for engineering design, simulation, and manufacturing. Acquired by ANSYS in 2014. spaceclaim.com


Newforma software integrates architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms worldwide with each other, with their project information, with their processes, with their financial and project data, and with remote team members, all for the purpose of more successful project delivery. newforma.com


Flux is a provider of collaborative design software for the building construction industry. Portfolio company since 2012. flux.io


Flurry is the leading provider of analytics and monetization solutions to mobile application developers. Acquired by Yahoo! in 2014. flurry.com


FieldLens delivers a mobile and social project management platform for the building construction jobsite. Acquired by WeWork in 2017. fieldlens.com


Envista is a provider of right-of-way management solutions for governments and utilities. Acquired by Accela in 2014. envista.com


DYN offers premium DNS and internet performance solutions that help their customers monitor, control and optimize their online infrastructure. Acquired by Oracle in 2017. dyn.com


Avedro, the leader in corneal thermo-biomechanics, develops non-invasive ophthalmic procedures for improving vision. Portfolio company since 2003. avedro.com

At Last Software

@Last Software is the company behind SketchUp, which is broadly recognized as the easiest-to-use 3D conceptual design solution available. Acquired by Google in 2006. sketchup.com

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